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Dau Gant a Hanner o Filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru: Diwrnod 8, Rhan 4

Hydref 20, 2011

Mae’r dynion yn mynd ymlaen tuag at y Rhyl, ac yn cyrraedd ond dim o flaen y  merched.  Mae nhw’n aros ym Mwthyn Min y don, ac yn cael te.  Mae nhw’n treulio peth amser ar y promenâd, yn gwrando ar dafleisiwr, ac yn treulio’r noson yn y Theatr yn gwylio ‘Diplomacy’.

DD/DM/1422/9 - Pafiliwn a chofeb milwyr, Y Rhyl tua 1920

DD/DM/1422/9 - Pafiliwn a chofeb milwyr, Y Rhyl tua 1920. Ar gael i weld yn Archifdy Sir Ddinbych.

For some miles before arriving at Rhyl, the roads being low and the railway intervening between the road and the shore, we loose sight of the water, so we were disappointed not seeing the “Cambria” on our way.  We drive on to the meeting place, Mrs Davies, Min y Don Cottage, an old cottage on the promenade, but find we have arrived here first, we don’t wait long before the kettle boilers turn up, each one having the “cramp” on the face for having seen us drive on before them, they are in wonderment as to who our fellow passengers are, when Uncle Arthur’s face is seen with his friend the “cramp” disappears.  As the time is very limited before the boat goes, and as Arthur returns by it, he leaves us to “do our own” pro-tem.

At 3 o’clock we put Tommy up at the White Lion Hotel Stable and adjourn to Min y Don for tea.  We spend a pleasant hour or so on the promenade listening to the singing.  Going down the lane we listen to a professor lecturing on noses and whilst the ladies went to get supper (there by hangs a tale) we listen to a ventriloquist with Tommy and Joey not forgetting “Ginger” etc etc.  Eventually we get to the Theatre on the pier to see “Diplomacy”, the acting was very good, but the stage miserably small.  We were somewhat amused by one of the audience desiring to sing between the acts, his wife had difficulty in restraining him, the only sound we heard was “y’er, y’er, y, y, y’er, y’er” at last he shouted “I must sing or burst” eventually he was persuaded not to sing whether he burst or not, I can not say.  We skidallied off the pier and away to bed.

Plwyf yn Sir Flint oedd Y Rhyl yn hanesyddol.  Am ragor o gofnodion sy’n ymwneud a Rhyl dilynwch y linc canlynol content/flintshire/cymraeg/services/100009/200111

Mae gwybodaeth ar ein daliadau ar gael ar

Dau Gant a Hanner o Filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru: Diwrnod 8, Rhan 3

Hydref 13, 2011

Mae’r dynion yn gadael Bae Colwyn am 12.15, ac yn mynd tuag at Abergele.  Mae nhw’n mynd heibio Llanddulas, Penmaen Rhos a Chastell Gwrych.  Mae nhw’n cyrraedd Abergele, yn nodi trychineb y trên a ddigwyddodd yno yn 1868.  Mae nhw’n mynd heibio Eglwys Bodelwyddan a Chastell Bodelwyddan ac yn gweld y Cambrian yn mynd allan i’r môr yn union o’u blaenau.

Catalog gwerthiant a chynllyn o Gastell Gwrych 1946

DD/DM/1135/2 - Catalog gwerthiant a chynllyn o Gastell Gwrych, o'n casgliadau. Ar gael i weld yn Archifdy Sir Ddinbych.

We left Colwyn at 12.15 en route for Abergele, we pass along the road to Llanddulas passing near the headland of Penmaen Rhos, where Richard the 2nd is said to have been taken prisoner.  We pass on and come to some old fashioned stone built high castle gates and walls, and stop and read the various inscriptions on them.  One states it was near this where Richard 2nd was betrayed, another states that it was a pass where a bloody battle was fought by the Welsh men etc etc.   We continue on and find we are near Gwrych Castle the residence of Robert Bamford Hesketh Esq, the castle is situated at the base of a hill amongst limestone cliffs, richly dotted in foliage.  As we saw it at a distance it presents a remarkably unique appearance, reminding one of the fairy palaces of eastern Princes, it is a modern castellated edifice composed of many walls and both round and square towers of various sizes placed on terraces on isolated knolls, and in rocky recesses in so confused a manner as to make it almost impossible for a stranger to discover which are the inhabited portions of the Castle, and which have been built for effect only.  The frontage of the Castle measures 480 yards and its tower is 93 feet high, it has no less than 17 turrets, it is one of the finest places I ever saw, and is no doubt one of the grandest and most picturesque places inNorth Wales.

We pass on past the principal entrance gates and arrive at Abergele, this place is noted as the scene of the terrible railway accident which occurred on 20th August 1868, when the Irish mail run into some trucks laden with petroleum that had escaped from the siding of Llanddulas almost instantly came a vast blaze from the ignited spirit and the train was enveloped in flames.  Lord and Lady Farnham and some 33 others met with instant death, their remains being interred in one grave in Abergele Church yard.

We stop for a time at a Hotel on our left and then drive on through Abergele en route for Rhyl, some miles away.  We see some distance on our right Bodelwyddan Church one of the most beautiful and exquisitely finished Churches in Wales.  The spire we see is 202 feet high its interior is built with marble of every hue, its stained glass, its carving in stone and wood makes it a place worth seeing.

I regret we did not pass nearer to it in order to have a close look at it, it was opened in 1860, and was built of white marble, quarried on the estate at a cost of sixty thousand pounds.  The woodwork is oak throughout, the pulpit being a marvel of the carvers art, the Church was erected by the late Lady Willoughby de Broke in memory of her husband.  In the distance we see Bodelwyddan Castle, we pass on over the railway bridge at Foryd Station, and on again over the river bridge where we again pay 6d to cross the water.  We soon see the “Cambria” putting out to sea for an hours sail, the ladies having arrived before us.

Mae gwybodaeth ar ein daliadau ar gael ar

Dau Gant a Hanner o Filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru: Diwrnod 8, Rhan 1

Medi 22, 2011

Mae nhw’n disgrifio Llandudno fel ‘lle hyfryd iawn…heb ei guro gan unrhyw ddyfrle yn y Deyrnas, o ran harddwch ei safle a’i gyfraniadau sef traeth tywodlyd, glan greigiog a chlogwyni eang uchel’.  Mae’r merched yn teithio i’r Rhyl ar y cwch pleser ‘Cambrian Bonny Princess’.  Mae’r dynion yn gadael Llandudno ar y wagonét, wrth i’r tywydd droi’n anymunol wlyb ac annifyr.

Gogarth Abbey Hotel & Hydro

DD/DM/1113- Hysbyseb o'r 'Gogarth Abbey Hotel and Hydro', o'r dyddiadur gwreiddiol 'Dau gant a hanner o filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru'

Eighth Day

Monday 22nd September 1890

Llandudno toColwynBay, Abergele and Rhyl

We are again awoke by the squawkers in an adjoining room and after breakfast prepare to bid goodbye to Llandudno.  It is a very delightful place which is I believe unsurpassed by any watering place in the Kingdom, both for it’s beauty of situation and its contributories of sandy beach, rocky shore and broad towering cliffs, also for its sea and mountain views.  Handsome terraces front the sea in a long curving line in their rear, Mostyn Street a wide street of shops cannot be excelled, an iron pier extends far out into the bay, and near the pier a fine pavilion, has been erected for concerts etc.  A broad esplanade a mile long follows the curve of the beach, on the esplanade the Queen of Romania has extensive apartments at the Marine Hotel.  She has been staying here some months, and made herself very popular with the Welsh people.

At 9.15 once more ready and off to Rhyl, this time under different conditions, our wives having decided to stay until one o’clock and have there by the pleasure boat Cambrian Bonnie Princess, Ellis and myself proceed along the promenade, when the rain coming on makes it very unpleasant.  We proceed on towards the “New Hydro” when we meet “Uncle Arthur” screwed up under an umbrella on the top of an omnibus; having plenty of room we turn back to the “Old Hydro” and pick up a friend of his Miss Selby who accompanies us on the journey.  The weather was miserably wet and unpleasant, under the circumstances “Uncle” done the amiable and made her as jolly as possible.  Our turning back somewhat delayed us, but we made up for the delay.  We soon pass the “New Hydro” where the gentlemen are very busy playing lawn tennis.

Mae cofnodion sy’n ymwneud a Llandudno yn cael eu dal gan Wasanaeth Archifau Conwy.  Mae mwy o wybodaeth am eu daliadau ar gael ar