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Dau Gant a Hanner o Filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru: Diwrnod 4, Rhan 4

Gorffennaf 7, 2011

Mae’r criw yn parhau tuag at Betws-y-Coed gan ddisgrifio’r ‘golygfeydd yn cynnwys rheadrau, creigiau, coed, glynnoedd, dyffrynoedd a phopeth dymunol’.  Mae nhw’n cyrraedd Betws-y-Coed am 4 or gloch.

Ffos Noddyn

DD/DM/1113- Llun o Ffos Noddyn o'r dyddiadur gwreiddiol 'Dau gant a hanner o filltiroedd trwy Gogledd Cymru'

We pass on down the hill and stop at the Benar View Hotel opposite where a cattle and sheep fair had just been held. After leaving here we pass on, opposite another Hotel, we find the roads blocked by some hundreds of sheep being driven form the fair.  Opposite this Hotel we see a gentleman salmon fishing, the landlord came out and being very civil volunteered the information that is was a very good place for fishing.  We proceed on our way to Betws y Coed when we passed some of the most lovely scenery in the Conway Valley it is possible to imagine, water falls, rock, trees, glens, valleys and everything lovely, we pass on to Pont y Pant station through one of the most beautiful parts of our journey, the path winds high up amongst rugged crags with the trawling stream through the narrow vale, deep below where there is barley room for the road and river, the water rushing between rocks and large boulders.  We pass under the railway arch and see the place where the Conway river issues from a narrow gauge and joins the river Lledr, we pass the Beaver toll gate on to Beaver Pool Bridge near where a lane to our right leads to the fairy glen and this glen is reached by descending some steps to the bed of the stream a secluded spot is gained amongst huge boulders and masses of rock where the whole scene presents an enchanting sight. 

Before arriving at this point we looked down from a high position on the road and saw several ladies and gentlemen fishing at a spot which was no doubt the entrance to the Glen.  We proceed over the Waterloo Bridge and arrive at Betws y Coed about 4 o’clock.  Words can not express the grandeur of the scenery between Pont y Pant and Betws, it was the most lovely place I ever saw.  We put “Tommy” up at the hotel stables and found every accommodation at the pretty residence of Miss E Jones Pont y Pair house in the Old Roman Bridge of Pont y Pair and we were soon provided with an excellent tea. The scene from the sitting room window was most lovely (the house is better shewn by the photograph of the two bow and windowed house on page)  Our first duty was to telegraph home for letters to be sent on at once as we felt anxious to hear from home for the first time since we started.  We sat on the rocks by the river side watching the trout frisking about in the river stream below.  The Queen of Romania paid a visit to Betws y Coed only yesterday so we were a day to late to see Her Majesty.  After a stroll round the place we got to bed pretty early in order to prepare for the next days journey.